Rich Scudellari

Founding Partner

Rich Scudellari

Like the entrepreneurs we support, we’re building something special at Penny Jar. We’ve worked hard to create a rigorous framework to quickly understand what drives a business, and how we can help the company grow. Once we invest, we bring that same level of commitment to supporting our founders and their teams in new and better ways.

Rich is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, with experience in both the capital markets and private equity. Prior to Penny Jar, Rich was the Investment Partner for SC30 Inc, the off-court business of two-time NBA MVP and four-time NBA Champion, Stephen Curry. Rich developed a rigorous framework to identify exceptional founders building transformational businesses with strong fundamentals. As part of the blue-chip investment portfolio, Rich is an early investor in Ethic, KikOff, and Squire. Previously, Rich founded an SMB software company building infrastructure in the creator economy and spent several years at TPG and Morgan Stanley.

Rich is dedicated to understanding the fundamental drivers of each business and helping entrepreneurs maximize them at every stage of growth. His deep respect for operational efficiencies, and curiosity to learn what matters most to the company, helps founders uncover opportunities and mitigate risks.

Rich holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. At Yale, he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and played football for the Bulldogs. Rich is the husband of entrepreneur and investor Mary Orton, and the proud dad of their three daughters.