Protecting your Cloud the Right Way

By Bryant Barr


Cloud-native technology has transformed the way businesses operate. It has enabled companies to build and deploy applications quickly and efficiently while providing significant cost savings. However, the rapid adoption of cloud-native technology brings new security challenges, as traditional solutions are unsuitable for constantly evolving cloud environments.

That’s where Upwind comes in. Their platform offers dynamic, real-time security policies that are automatically enforced, allowing organizations to secure their cloud-native workloads more effectively. As the data in the cloud changes, Upwind learns and adapts, allowing it to identify and stop breaches, malicious activities, and zero-day attacks quickly. This shift in security posture from reactive to proactive is critical, allowing organizations to stay ahead of potential threats and avoid the costly aftermath of a security breach.

The founding team behind Upwind, Amiram Shachar, Lavi Ferdman, Liran Polak, and Tal Zur, bring deep expertise in DevOps and a proven ability to build swiftly and execute clinically. After growing their previous company,, to $100M+ of annual recurring revenue, they are now keen on solving another significant problem, this time within enterprise security. 

Our prior investment in Upwind’s seed round, alongside Cyberstarts and Greylock, marks our first in Israel. As cloud-native technology continues to gain momentum, organizations need solutions that can keep up with the evolving security landscape. Upwind is well-positioned to meet this need, and we’re excited to be on this journey with them. If you want to learn more about Upwind and its dynamic approach to cloud-native security, you can visit their website at