Our Investment in Tally Labs

By Bryant Barr


Our latest investment, Tally Labs, is a software-enabled Web3 media business blurring the lines between customers and creators. We’ve followed along since the team brought Jenkins the Valet to life, and we’re eager to dive in.

Valet Jones and See Ape Follow Ape are bringing an incredible vision to life, combining IP development with token gated software. They’re reimagining media and entertainment in the world of Web3 right before our eyes.

Mickey Mouse. Spider-Man. Pokémon. For decades studios devoloped, fine-tuned, and evolved characters, spending millions in marketing and advertising with the hope they would turn into the fan favorites we all know/love today. But, tomorrow’s beloved characters could come from anywhere. Web3 is providing infrastructure for creators, bringing the next wave of potential household names to life.

While creators dream up new worlds and stories to share, software is needed to bring Web3 IP holders and Web2 creatives together — software with legal, payment, and community voice solutions working at scale. Tally Labs is making this possible.If you’re interested in learning more about Tally Labs and the entertaining things they’re creating (or joining their growing team), check them out at