Our Investment in Rumble League Studios

By Bryant Barr


We are enthusiastic about an investment we made late last year, Rumble League Studios (RKL), a web3 sports gaming company. All of us at Penny Jar have been enthusiastic about this project since last year’s mint (💎🙌), and we will continue to roll up our sleeves with the RKL team.

From Sickpencil’s art to Nazariy Vavryk’s engineering prowess to Marcus Bläsche and Nick Vale’s marketing and gaming expertise, we have a lot of conviction in the team’s ability to deliver on their big vision. While still in its early days, web3 technology is finding an initial natural home in gaming and one that has incredible growth potential moving forward.

The word “community” is thrown around a lot, but we’ve been part of RKL since mint. The RKL community is a group that is deeply committed to the success of the sports metaverse ecosystem. 88% of assets have been held for 6+ months, and 42% have never been sold.

We’re constantly looking for ways to build with the community. As part of our investment we launched The Kongcubator. Think of it as Y Combinator meets Shark Tank in web3, supporting and funding the best ideas that expand the RKL ecosystem.

If you’re interested in learning more about RKL or joining their growing team, check them out at