Our Investment in Nue

By Rich Scudellari


We’re excited to announce our recent investment in Nue, a modern quote-to-revenue platform designed to help businesses drive revenue and retain customers in an increasingly dynamic economy.

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must be able to support a broad range of pricing models. As companies look to meet the needs of their customers, one size no longer fits all. Unfortunately, the tools to facilitate these changes across sales, finance, and billing are siloed, disjointed, and complex. A more flexible and scalable system that connects these three functions (and delivers better financial insights) is critical to helping companies stay ahead in a constantly shifting market. That’s where Nue comes in.

Nue dramatically simplifies these pieces of the puzzle – pricing, sales, and finance – to drive revenue growth and improve cash flow continually. With Nue, companies can seamlessly offer self-service, manage upsells and renewals, unbundle package deals, and much more, all without needing an army of finance resources sorting through spreadsheets to close the books every reporting cycle. More revenue. Smoother experience. Fewer resources. It’s that simple.

And what really makes Nue special is the team. Co-founders Tina Kung and Kate McCullough deeply appreciate the complexity businesses have endured to date in managing systems across sales, finance and billing. Tina’s decades of experience building products and teams at places like Zuora, Salesforce, and Oracle complement Kate’s experience with financial solutions at Anaplan, resulting in an elegant and approachable solution. With their expertise Nue’s team is uniquely suited to help businesses get an edge.

We’re thrilled to partner with Nue and look forward to seeing their impact. If you want to learn more about Nue and how they can help your business succeed, visit their website at