Closing the Exploitation Window: Threat Mitigation At Scale

By Bryant Barr


In the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, security teams are struggling to keep pace with attackers who exploit new vulnerabilities within mere minutes of their discovery. This contrasts with the weeks or months typically required for vulnerability remediation and patching, leaving organizations dangerously exposed during this critical window. Recent reports reveal that 60% of data breaches stem from unpatched known vulnerabilities, highlighting the urgent need for more effective and swift threat mitigation strategies to close this perilous gap and protect against cyber attacks’ increasing speed and sophistication.

Zafran is building a groundbreaking risk and mitigation platform by leveraging existing security controls within organizations to reduce the critical ‘exploitation window’ between vulnerability discovery and remediation. Distinct from traditional patch-focused methods, Zafran’s solution integrates with an organization’s security infrastructure to more effectively assess and automate threat mitigations. Its innovative approach optimizes current defenses to proactively reduce risk exposure.

The founding team behind Zafran is uniquely positioned to tackle the complex challenges of today’s cybersecurity landscape. Sanaz Yashar, Ben Seri, and Snir Havdala bring the company an extraordinary blend of personal resilience and professional excellence. Together, their combined experience in intelligence, research, and engineering, grounded in real-world cybersecurity challenges, makes them an ideal team to lead Zafran in its mission to redefine risk mitigation and build a meaningful company at the forefront of protecting against cyber threats.

We’re delighted to have invested in Zafran alongside Cyberstarts and Sequoia. As the threat-to-exploitation timeline continues to diminish, Zafran is well-positioned to proactively reduce risk exposure at scale. To learn more about Zafran and how they’re reimagining security, visit